Thursday, 1 January 2015

A Beginning

Happy New Year 2015 readers! At the moment of writing this there are none of you.
This is a new blog by a young engineering student. Highly under influence of the Archdruid Report, the topic that will mainly be explored is Peak-Oil/The Long Descent and the various facets of it including, but not limited to:
  • Engineering appropriate technologies
  • Economics
  • Eco-science
  • History
  • Geopolitics
  • Culture
Along with that some other things will be written about if I feel like it such as my interest music, arts etc. 

I'm no expert on any of these topics, so writing on this is an opportunity to research and learn. In this process I will make mistakes and invite people to correct me or provide their own thoughts.

At this point I might as well make my biases/beliefs somewhat clear:
  • I am a Socialist, and on this blog will have limited patience for neo-liberal cheerleading
  • At the same time my juvenile fling with Marxism is well and truly over - this also makes me Conservative
  • I derive inspiration from my traditional dharmic values - and hence will not pay much attention to science/progess cult rants (particularly atheist ones)
Also some non-revealing personal information to clear up context:
  • I live in Oceania/Asia Pacific so this blog will mainly focus in that region
  • I study a double degree in Engineering/Arts at a university in that region
  • Over the process of writing this I will do specific case studies of the cities I live in - don't become an investigative detective at that
  • Some of you (most of you at the start) will be linked this from my personal social media. I ask you all to not use my real name or reveal too much. I'm at least trying to keep this (somewhat) anonymous.
That's all for now. I'll try and post something soon to get myself started. Happy 2015 once again!


  1. Great start! I disagree with some of you established views, but i look forward to seeing where you go with this project. We need more people discussing peak oil from all perspectives. Good luck and happy new year..

    1. Thanks for your support Brian! A Happy New Year to you.

  2. Yeah, nice start even thou my fingers start twitching when I read the science/atheist part. It would be interesting if you clearified a bit on the science part. Do you trust the scientific method or denounce it? Ok, ok, I know, there is a difference in ranting versus using a method.

    Best wishes in your exploring!

  3. If you're coming from TADR, my views are the same as JMG's - I'm not tolerant of scientific rationalism as a faux-philosophy that claims that progress is the goal of human existence. Science is a tool (I do engineering, of course), not an ideology or a philosophy. I'll clarify this at some point.